A great care needs to be taken for storage of documents and to avoid its detoriation from humidity, temprature and disaster. A proper storage and disaster management plan is crucial step in order to safe procurement of documents.

We follow the follwing procedures for Storage:-

Plastic Pouch
Plastic Pouch

→All the original documents will be kept in a plastic pouch with a details slip on its side and bottom with work order details, no of drawings, unique identification numbers.

Shelf for Plastic Pouch
Racks for storage of plastic pouches

→Plastic pouchs are provided for Original Drawings as well as Cleaned and re-generated Drawings. All the pouches can be put in a shelf putting bottom side facing outside displaying all the details about drawings inside the pouch.

→Every photo film will be pasted with a small slip containing the unique number preferable on right hand bottom corner. This help in easy identification of drawings.

→Photo film will ke kept inside an envelope which contains the information about work order, date,unique number and size of the original drawing.

Envelopes for Negative Films
Envelopes for storage of Negative Photo Films

→All the envelopes will be kept inside a plastic folder of A4 size which further get binds in a ring binder. The cover of the ring binder will contain the following informations:-

  • (i) Work order number
  • (ii) Number of folders
  • (iii) Photo film from ............ to .........
  • (iv) Date of submission.
  • (v) Logo of owner, if required
Ring Binders
Ring Binders for storage of Photo Films Envelopes

→Photo Films of Original Documents and Re-generated documents will ke kept in seperate ring binder folders.

→The digital images alongwith Search Software will be transferred on Compact Disc of suitable capacity and of strandard make. The approved makes are Hewlett Packard, Imation, Sony and Mitsubishi.

→The Compact Dist will be labelled with the following informations:-

  • (i) Work order number
  • (ii) files from ............ to .........
  • (iii) Date of submission.
  • (iv) Challan number
Fire Proof Vaults Inside - Fire Proof Vaults
Specially Designed Vaults for storage of Neatives and Drawings

→We also suggest a specially designed vault with a fire proof capability for storage of photo films, documents. These vaults are fully tested for its purpose.