In the process of digitisation, not only we provide the cleaned digital image but also an application exclusively developed for searching, viewing of Images and printing of records.

This application is named as Search Software. This application required minium criteria to run. The size of application depend upon the number of images it have. Followings are the minimum requirements for installation of software:-

  • Operating System - Windows XP or higher
  • RAM - 512 MB or higher
  • Hard Disk - Min 10 GB.

The information stored in the application can be choose by the customer as per their requirements. These infromatins will get stored in the database during the digitisation process.

Search capability has been provided in this application based on all the informations which have been entered during the digitisation process. This makes the search very easy and quick. Every image in the application can be identified through an unique identification number. This identification number gets alloted in initial phase and will remaine same in its entire life and in all the process, be it application, photo film, original document and final print.

This application can be designed to be work in single computer, multi-computer and web based depending upton the requirement of customer.

A user manual has been provided with this software for easy installation and usage.