We have created a library of Still Images and capturing more. We use a German Linofax Camera with capability of 256 megapixels. It is rare image capturing system. The rotation of the camera is controlled by special software and can be varied.

We have taken very good photographs of lengths exceeding 300 inches with 180 degree rotation. The images capture through this camera are of sizes in GBs.

The normal practice to make a large panormic view is to take different shots of the images and stich it together, but with this special camera and equipments we can rotate the camera 360 degree to take stich-less or continuous photographs.

The image capture through this camera are of 300 DPI (Dots per inch), which mean many variation or sub - images are possible out of one image. This makes thease images very unique.

The software of the camera sets the colour using a standard colour card ensuring colory accuracy. There is no distoration of images and colors remain perfect because the processing is done by the photo management software.

We have been using this camera for last 1 year and we acquired varied photographs.

Some the Captured images are provided here. Click on the image to view larger Images.

Panaromic Views

Other Images

The above images are of lower quality provided here for web. We have very high quality images suitable to take a print on Canvas Paper for large photo frames and many other purposes.

We have also publish a book containing the collection of images from the wall paintings in the havelis of Shekhwati regions and Bundi Fort in Rajasthan. The details are provided here.

Few Screen Shots of Wall Paintings from Shekhwati Region