The Wonderful World of Wall Paintings (Rajasthan)


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The wall paintings are splashed across walls of Marwari havelis and mansions, adorning forts and cenotaphs of Rajput kings, doors and chattries to bring alive the history and pagentary of the region. Apart from the more traditional scenes of Rajsthani life as well as elaborately detailed murals depciting the history of the Rajput rulers, epic stories or Hindu mythology are captured on a canvas of walls and ceilings. Small wonder, the Shekhwati and Bundi region of Rajasthan is called the world's biggest open air art gallery.

One estimate puts this amazing art gallery at 13,785 sq. kms. or 5,135 sq. miles stretching across 120 villegs, 50 forts and palaces, some of which have been restored or remodelled as heritage hoteels and museusm. The earlist wall painting date back to 1750 and the last wall painting was completed in the late 1930s.

Shekhwati is an area lying South of Jaipur and is the title given to the motley group of clans of the Shekhaji of the Kacchwaha group of Rajputs. They were descendants of Balaji, the third son of Udai Kumar, the ruler of Amber in 1445. Shekhaji was his grandson.

Shekhawati is famous not only for the Rajput rulers and their estates but also for its tich Marwari community. A number of towns studded witht the Marari havelis acquired fame in the 18th and 19th centuary. These include Sikar, Mandawa, Fatehpur, Nawalgarh, Lakshmangarh and Jhunjhunu.

This is an efftot to bring the beautiful art gallery of wall paintings with this book to all.

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